About Marjorie Richardson-Caines

Marjorie Richardson-Caines, known to her friends and family as Miki, has dedicated her life to helping others and making a positive impact on the community. Born in the United States in 1968, Miki was raised by her teenage mother and was later adopted by her stepfather, Brian Richardson, in Bermuda. As a young girl, Miki was inspired by her parents’ work ethic and compassion for others.

Miki’s passion for helping others started at a young age. She attended St. George’s Preparatory, where she excelled in a variety of activities, including becoming a Sunday school teacher at only 15 years old.

After her first year at the Whitney Institute, Miki became an active member of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, spearheading multiple fundraisers and organizing different volunteer programs for the Brangman Home, a place where teen moms and mentally challenged children resided. She also worked as a part-time Children Daycare Worker on the American Base, where she gained valuable experience.

Miki’s perseverance and dedication paid off, as she graduated with honors from the Whitney Institute, earning bronze and silver medals in the Duke of Edinburgh program. She was also selected to represent Bermuda at the 1985 Commonwealth International Youth Conference, where she and seven other Bermudian students met with teens from different parts of the Commonwealth to discuss global issues. This experience opened Miki’s eyes to the world and inspired her to make a positive impact.

Miki moved back to the United States and worked primarily in the banking industry for over 15 years. She also had a burning desire to help others and raised funds for various organizations, including NAACP, Relay for Life, Special Olympics, Armed Forces Wife Clubs, and initiatives for youth. Miki inherited a servant’s heart from her mother, who always encouraged young people, and discovered that she was related to one of the original Freedom Riders in Alabama and her grandfather, who marched with Martin Luther King.

Miki moved back to Bermuda in 2006 and spent six wonderful years with her husband Allan Caines before he passed away in 2012. In 2013, Miki’s mother passed away suddenly, but Miki used her grief to make herself stronger in other areas of her life. She co-created Lifestyles Co Ltd, one of the Bermudian-owned companies that acquired a Licensee contract for the America’s Cup, and is currently on the sales team for SHOWOFF Magazine. She has also revitalized the Radnor Road Christian Fellowship Prison Ministry and is currently working on her BA in ministry from Christian International of the US.

Miki is passionate about mentoring young people and has guided and mentored several young individuals in Bermuda. She is the Cedarbridge Academy Volunteer Community Outreach Program Coordinator Assistant, partnering with Brotha Rich as co-creator of the “YES” Youth Empowerment Seminar at Cedarbridge Academy. Miki lives by the motto, “to touch a life, changes a life,” and believes that by taking the time to love others, she can impact their lives far greater. She finds great pleasure in planting seeds in a person that wants to have great soil to grow.

Miki’s life and work exemplify a deep commitment to service and dedication to helping others. She has inspired many individuals and has made a profound difference in the community through her work and advocacy.

About movingforwardbyfaith

As we choose to move forward in faith, we are committing to fully trust in God. Walking by faith and not by sight means that even when we don’t see God working at the moment, we believe that He is preparing us for future blessings and relief from what we might face later.

Moving in faith means that we fear the Lord more than we fear people and trust in God’s Word. We need to have the courage to stand firm on what the Word says for our lives and the lives of others, no matter what comes our way. God is always working on our behalf.

We move forward in faith by confidently living in our authority in God. He blesses, provides, empowers, and strengthens us. When we choose to move forward in faith, we decide to no longer be bound by our understanding or dependent on our senses.

Through our faith in God, we gain insight into the mind of our Creator, and we can tap into the technology of Heaven. This new perspective enables us to receive God’s strength and power, rather than relying on our limited understanding.

As members of the Body of Christ, when we lift up our faith, we will see the abundant life that God desires for us. This concept is supported by scripture in Hebrews 12:2, James 1:3-4, and James 4:7.